Biggleswade A1 Retail Park

British Parking Association Appeals Procedure

A1 parking appeal

Biggleswade is home to a wide variety of high street shops, independent businesses, and eateries.

The A1 Retail Park, situated on the southern entrance to Biggleswade, offers a broad range of high street shops that will meet all visitors’ needs, such as M&S, Next, Costa Coffee, Matalan, TK Maxx, Boots, Superdrug, River Island, H&M, and Hobbycraft.

The A1 Retail Park is easily accessible and boasts 981 free-to-use car parking spaces. Parking restrictions are in place. The rules are as follows: 

  • Maximum stay of 4 hours, no return within 2 hours of departure.
  • Vehicles parked at an electric charging point must be plugged in and charging at all
  • All vehicles must only park within clearly marked and designated parking areas and must not cause an obstruction
  • Vehicles must not park on double yellow lines, hatched areas, footways, access roads, grassed or landscaped areas
  • Where marked disabled parking is available vehicles must also clearly display an appropriate and valid disabled/blue badge. No concessions for disabled/blue badge holders
  • Where marked Parent & Child parking is available drivers must be accompanied by a child under the age of 5 years

Should a visitor not adhere to these rules there is a £100 charge, however if paid within 14 days then this is reduced to £60.00. 

The A1 Retail Park is managed by British Lands. For further information about the retail park, please email 

While visiting the A1 Retail Park, why not take the opportunity to visit Biggleswade Town Centre which offers further shops and restaurants? There’s something for everyone in Biggleswade!

  Photographs by Irena Gil, Monica Florea and Armindo Mendes de Matos.

Shops in the A1 Retail Park
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