Food, recycling and garden waste

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) are responsible for the food, recycling and garden waste collection services.

Regrettably Biggleswade Town Council no longer keep stock of the following:

  • Green food waste bags
  • Large orange recycling bags
  • Small brown food bins
  • Large brown food bins
  • Garden waste sacks

We apologise for the inconvenience and advise that you contact CBC Waste Services on 0300 300 8302 if you wish to order replacements. Alternatively, you can order replacements by using the following link.

Please be advised that all guidelines on the bags and bins and waste collections, food waste bags, garden waste sacks and missed bins can be found on the CBC website.

Orange recycling bags and Pink Domestic waste bags are for those residents who are unable to store/access a bin and on a sack collection.

With regards to the food caddy set (green food waste bags, internal and external food waste caddy), these are for all residents apart from those within flats.


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