What can you do to help Biggleswade?


“Adopt a Street” a Biggleswade litter picking initiative. Get your neighbours involved and keep your street tidy of litter. 

The link to the Adopt a Street facebook page click here.

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How Biggleswade Town Council can help with your litter pick

Equipment:  Biggleswade Town Council will provide litter pickers with all of the equipment that is needed for a litter pick, such as: litter pickers, bag hoops, gloves, hi vis vests and black plastic sacks.

Equipment  will have to be signed for and identification and contact details will be required before these items can be used.

Rubbish collection: BTC can arrange to collect the bags (as long as they are all in one location) from a mutually convenient place. 

Please contact the Biggleswade Town Council offices on 01767 313134 or email enquires@bigglewadetowncouncil.gov.uk to make the necessary arrangements.

The Litter Picking Brigade of Biggleswade

An intrepid band of litter pickers go out in all weathers (under normal circumstances) every couple of months and collect up to twenty bags of rubbish. Those involved include Biggleswade Good Neighbours and their friends and family. The Rotary Club of Biggleswade has also done their fair share of litter picking as have various residents of the town. Town Council staff do regular litter picking, particularly around the Market Square, but the staff also have a myriad of tasks to accomplish so this is invaluable help for them.

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Litter, a Worldwide problem

Every year, an estimated 8 million tonnes of litter enters the world’s oceans. Plastic poses the biggest threat to marine wildlife as it doesn’t just disappear; it simply breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, and has detrimental effects on food chains, working its way up from the tiniest plankton into the bodies of sharks, whales and dolphins.
But it’s not just our marine life at risk from litter. Mammals like hedgehogs and birds like swans frequently suffer injuries as a result of getting caught up in waste.
Any litter removed from a natural ecosystem helps wildlife and creates a better space for hu-mans too! Counteract litterbugs by being a litter picker. You don’t have to be on an organised litter pick to help, just pick up any rogue litter when you see it and pop it in the bin! Or how about going for a walk and picking up pieces as you go? 

Top tips for picking litter

  1. Be prepared: carry gardening gloves with you (or a litter picker if you have one!) when you are heading out for a walk, in case you spot any litter. They will protect your hands from anything mucky or sharp. If you don’t think you’ll come across a bin, bring a black bin bag so you can carry any litter away with you. Carrying disposable wet wipes is always a good idea in case you pick up anything unsavoury which can be thrown away in the bin bag.
  2. Stay safe: by not collecting needles, anything up with human waste (like nappies), electrical items, paint or any potentially dangerous chemicals.
  3. Report: any of the above items, fly-tipping or a dead animal to the local council or landowner.
  4. Sort your haul: instead of chucking it in a general waste bin, you could separate what you have collected to be recycled.
  5. Wash your hands: always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after picking litter.
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