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The annual budget for 2023/2024 for Biggleswade Town Council outlines:

Public Works Loan Board Investment

In addition to transforming our playground provision, the Town Council are looking to increase the number of allotment plots, enhancing the towns leisure and recreation facilities, upgrading our CCTV provision and upgrading our cemeteries.

This investment was well supported by 60% of residents after a formal public consultation.

Additional work is planned over the next five years at up to fifteen further play areas in the town.

What will the increases be?

A precept increase of 7.48%  has been agreed and a precept budget of £1.53m approved. In real terms, this equates to an additional sum of  £13.53 per annum or 26p per week for a Band D property.

The percentage increase is significantly less than the headline inflation (RPI and CPI).

The Council remail fully committed to delivering improvements throughout the town.

Whilst the Council understand that residents may not wish to see a precept increase, it is hoped that residents understand the reasons behind this and value the investments being made to the town to benefit the community.

 A Council Tax support scheme for residents who may struggle to pay their council tax is available and information on how to access this service can be found at Central Bedfordshire Council tax Support.

Precept 2023/24 leaflet click here.

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