Tiny Forest at Jubilee Gardens

Collaborating with Earthwatch and Central Bedfordshire Council, Biggleswade Town Council plans to plant approximately 600 native trees on an area comparable to a tennis court. Our vision is for this forest to evolve into a thriving wildlife habitat, a cherished community asset, a serene green space for recreation, and a valuable environmental resource for the community—a place where people can engage with nature and gain knowledge about the environment. This woodland will occupy less than a fifth of the available green space and, following thorough ground testing, will be situated at the north end.

Exciting discoveries have been made regarding the history of the field, once a landfill and later transformed into a flat surface suitable for football. However, it is now characterised by significant undulations. Below the surface, fortunately below the one-metre depth necessary for successful tree planting, lie two wrecked cars, remnants of ammunition from a WW2 firing range, debris from the Green King Brewery demolition, and remnants from the neighbouring former Felix cat food factory, which was bulldozed.

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