The Stand Out programme

The Stand Out programme is running  for a second time from October 4th – October 29th. The programme is open to 18-25 year olds in England who are unemployed, in part-time or precarious work, or in their final year of education.


Young people taking part in the programme will benefit from:

·    A supportive, experienced community of professionals and other young people, all focused on helping individuals to stand out in the job market.

·    Support sessions that can be attended in real time or flexible with recorded content with our team for 4 weeks, including bespoke CV feedback and support on where and how to      find job opportunities.

·    The opportunity to grow their networks and connect with industry experts. 

·  For up to 12 months after, one-on-one personalised support from a mentor with experience of the world of work, to help and guide young people to access local opportunities.   

Twitter is @UpRising_UK and  Instagram is @UpRising_UK

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