1. What was the origin of the name “Biggleswade”?

Answer: It derived from the Anglo Saxon personal name ‘Biceil’ and ‘Waed’, meaning ford.

  1. When did Biggleswade receive full market town status?

Answer: In 1227, granted by King Henry III.

  1. What was the primary trade route that passed through Biggleswade in the 1700s?

Answer: The Great North Road from Edinburgh to London.

  1. What significant transportation development occurred in Biggleswade in 1758?

Answer: The creation of a navigable route on the river, leading to the construction of three wharfs for trade.

  1. When did the Great Northern Railway, linking London with York and Scotland, open?

Answer: In 1850.

  1. Who founded the Ivel Cycle Works in Biggleswade and what significant invention did he create?

Answer: Daniel Albone founded the Ivel Cycle Works and invented the first lightweight tractor, the Ivel Agriculture Motor, in 1902.

  1. What event caused significant damage to Biggleswade in 1785?

Answer: The Great Fire of Biggleswade.

  1. Which famous brewery was established in Biggleswade in 1764?

Answer: Samuel Wells established the Biggleswade brewery, later known as Greene King brewery.

  1. Who is buried in the churchyard of St. Andrew’s parish church in Biggleswade?

Answer: Mary Tealby, founder of Battersea Dogs Home.

  1. What major development contributed to the growth of Biggleswade’s population in the 1990s?

Answer: The start of a large development at the eastern side, known as Saxon Gate.

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