Mantles Court – The Dignitary Challenge

Mantles Court is taking part in the Quantum Care Community Challenge. 

For their first home-based challenge, Mayor Mark Foster and Councillor Michael North joined the staff on Monday, 9th October 2023 to achieve The Dignitary Challenge.


Information about Quantum Care Community Challenge 2023

During the month of October, all of our care homes are taking part in the Quantum Care Community Challenge. This month-long event sees all of our homes competing against each other to complete 15 separate challenges designed to encourage the building of stronger connections between their residents and the communities within which they live.

Some of the challenges are based within the homes and some are based out in their local communities. Each completed challenge awards the home with a set number of points up to a maximum of 140, and the top three placed homes will win prizes which will go towards their residents’ amenity funds.

This event has generated a great deal of excitement and activity across our homes!

The challenges are as follows:

Home Based Challenges

The Dignitary Challenge (5 points) – Get a local Councillor (or other dignitary) to visit the home for a photo with some of your residents.

The Animal Challenge (5 points) – Get a pets/zoo group to come into the home to entertain the residents.

The Celebrity Challenge (10 points) – Get a local or national celebrity to visit the home.

The Donation Challenge (5 points) – Get local businesses to donate items for a raffle.

The Badge Challenge (5 points) – Get the Brownies/Guides/Cubs/Scouts to come to the home to do a badge or an activity.

The School Challenge (5 points) – Get local school children to come along and do an activity.

The Charity Challenge (5 points) – Hold a charity event at the home.

The Scary Challenge (5 points) – Hold a Halloween party and invite some/all new connections that have been made during your challenges to attend.

Externally Based Challenges

The Café Challenge (10 points) – Take residents to enjoy a café. While at the café take the following photos: a group photo directly outside the cafe, a group photo inside the café, a photo of some residents with a member of the café staff, a group photo inside the café that includes a giraffe.

The Iconic Challenge (10 points) – Take a photo of something iconic, famous or well known in the area with residents and staff visible in the photo.

The Business Challenge (10 points) – Find residents who worked in local businesses that still exist and take them for a visit. Similar businesses can be visited if the actual ones are not available.

The Emergency Challenge (10 points) – Get a photo of residents and staff with members of the local Fire Brigade/Police.

The Pub Challenge (15 points) – Go to a local pub and get a picture of residents/staff with the manager/owner and get proof of the pub displaying the picture in their bar/restaurant. 

The Event Challenge (15 points) – Get tickets to a local event and take residents along – 5 bonus points for proof of obtaining free tickets to an event that would have charged admission.

The Scavenger Challenge (20 points) – Take residents to a local garden centre for a scavenger hunt. Find and take a photo with a garden gnome, a cactus, a pair of wellies, a gardening kit, a watering can, bird food and something unusual that is surprising to find in a garden centre. 

The Tie-Break Challenge
In the event of a tie between homes there will be a tie-break challenge. For this the homes will be asked to put on and evidence a community engagement event of their own choice; something as special or as impressive as possible that involves members of their local community. A voting panel will decide on the results.

Maximum possible points: 140

If you have a loved one in one of our care homes you can follow their challenge progress by visiting their Facebook page. The home will also have a Challenge Progress Chart displayed somewhere prominently so please do keep an eye out for that. News will also be posted to our main company Facebook page at so please do join us there!


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