Thursday 6th October 2022

Use Your Vote, Have Your Say

To view the Biggleswade Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Submission Document, please click here.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan contains planning policies, which will be used to inform decisions on planning applications. The Town Council worked with a group of residents and councillors to put together a plan for Biggleswade. The process involved various stages of community engagement and formal consultation and a rigorous examination to ensure that the Plan meets legal requirements. The Plan is now ready for residents to have their say via a referendum.

What does Biggleswade’s plan include?

• Helping to ensure that development is well-designed and sustainable
• Designating 15 Local Green Spaces, including Back Meadows, the Jubilee Wood and the allotments, and also protecting the Common and Green Wheel
• Encouraging diversification of the Town Centre, enhancing its vitality
• Supporting employment-related development, subject to considering impacts on residential properties and the local environment
• Protecting the historic environment, including the Conservation Area in the town centre, and supporting the sensitive use of listed buildings
• Providing better facilities for cycling and walking and mobility scooters, and ensuring proper access for emergency vehicles
• Encouraging the development of community, sports and recreation facilities, particularly football, and seeking further land for allotments

What happens if the plan receives a majority “yes” vote?

If successful at referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan has to be ‘made’ and becomes part of the statutory development plan, so will have to be considered with the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan and national policy in making decisions on planning applications. If the Neighbourhood Plan is rejected, only national and Local Plan policies will apply, as at present.

Where can you read the full Neighbourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed on the Town Council’s website and printed copies are available to consult at the Town Council offices on Saffron Road.

Please have your say

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