Council Agenda 27092022 

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Please be aware that the Council meeting on Tuesday 13th September is to take place on  Tuesday 27th September 2022

This decision recognises the national mourning following the sad death of Her Majesty The Queen.

We must cancel our meeting planned for tomorrow evening 13th September 2022. The Council has no power to reach any resolutions and our original notice of intention to meet is now void ref Local Government Act 1972, s 243. This is confirmed by the SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks). The fact that the Queens death was unforeseen and earlier correct notice was given is irrelevant.

The earliest we could meet (conscious of prescribed notice periods and the period of mourning) is Tuesday 27th with formal notice to meet being given the previous Thursday 22nd. The three notice days being Friday, Saturday and Monday.

2022.09.27- Town Council Meeting – Minutes 


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