Biggleswade Town Council (BTC) have recently created a Community Engagement Group for Biggleswade. This group was formed to gather the views of the Biggleswade community on a number of areas relating to our town. This includes gathering community views on our emerging Neighbourhood Plan and our recently updated Town Council website.

BTC are currently creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Biggleswade – a plan which will enable our community to develop a shared vision and shape the development and growth of our town. BTC wish to ensure that the finalised Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of Biggleswade residents and their aspirations for the future of our Town.

Additionally, BTC have recently launched a more user-friendly, modern and accessible website. The Town Council wish to gather feedback on the website to ensure that the design is as informative and accessible for our users as possible to offer the maximum value.

The group currently meets for an hour every fortnight, however, the meeting date and time is flexible to fit around the availability of group members.

Your views matter

If you would like to become a member of the Biggleswade Community Engagement Group, we would love to hear from you. Please contact to express interest.

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