Bus Back Better

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) are working in partnership with bus operators to deliver improved bus services for local people and to help make bus travel a more attractive way to travel.

A consultation has been developed following the Government’s announcement in March of the new National Bus Strategy – ‘Bus Back Better’. A £3 billion pot of funding is being made available to improve bus services across the country and CBC can bid for a share of this in partnership with bus operators.
CBC have committed to forming an ‘Enhanced Partnership’ with all local bus operators to improve services and access to funding. However, before being able to access a portion of funding and form an ‘Enhanced Partnership’, CBC must first develop a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and survey in collaboration with local bus operators to seek residents’ experiences and where gaps in the service may exist.

The survey is open for two weeks (Wednesday 8 September – Wednesday 22 September 2021) and seeks to understand what would encourage people to use buses more often.

Please click here to have your say.

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