On Friday 23rd April 2021 the industrial unit became the new home of the Council’s Public Realm Team. The Public Realm Depot comprises of a large secure storage area for all the equipment as well as an office, workshop area and vastly improved mess facilities for the team.

These premises will serve as a permanent base for at least the next 15 years. This new depot is key to the further modernisation and expansion of the Public Realm Team.

The Public Realm Manager, Jonathan Woolley is supported by a loyal and dedicated staff who manage several parks, open spaces and play areas.


The Public Realm Depot is situated in Eldon Way Industrial Estate, Biggleswade. Address: 11 Eldon Way,Biggleswade, SG18 8NH

Email: jonathan.woolley@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk

Telephone:01767 348021

Mobile: 07947631350

Public Realm staff

Name Job Title Email Address
Ryan Chambers Operative ryan.chambers@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk
Fox Hilton Operative fox.hilton@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk
Marsha Kenney Operative marsha.kenney@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk
Simon King Operative simon.king@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk
Paul Manners Operative paul.manners@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk
Carl Rummey Machine Operative carl.rummey@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk
Tony Tyrrell Property Maintenance Operative tony.tyrrell@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk
Ryan Wykes Operative ryan.wykes@biggleswadetowncouncil.gov.uk